About FinData Management Limited

smart, unbiased advice on your business management systems

We are a consulting company which provides unbiased, professional and quality consulting services for business management systems; we are committed to helping our clients grow their business through smart software decisions. We understand that every business is unique, and we work with a variety of software solutions to create bespoke solutions tailored for growth.

Unlike software companies themselves, we want you investing in the right software, not the most expensive. Our recommendations come from our team’s collective experience, working both in-house and at out-sourced technology and accounting partners. We advise based on your business goals, growth trajectory, and budget, and we are available for assistance as long as you need us.

Our strength lies in our diversity and ability to adapt systems and processes to suit the precise requirements of our customers’ businesses.

As Accredited Business Partners of EasyBiz (Pty) Ltd, Palladium Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Kaspersky Lab ZAO, Tecom Group Inc., Fourlane®, Ryanada (Ke) Ltd; we guarantee that our products are genuine and true products of their developers and that all our support consultants have been trained and certified by the respective software providers.


At FinData Management, we are driven by our clients’ success. We provide solutions that promote growth and meet your unique business objectives. Our primary core values are designed to reflect our passion towards providing an excellent customer and client engagement experience.


VAlue Addition

Commitment to Growth

Always provide a solution

Why buy from a value-added reseller?

Larger companies are very focused on product sales. If you come to them inquiring about “QuickBooks Enterprise,” they are going to sell you QuickBooks Enterprise. That is their one chance to make money off of you, so they are going to push the most expensive solution, regardless of whether it is a good fit. Since we hope you’ll come back to us for other things like buying supplies or getting bookkeeping help, our focus is on finding you the right solution. We don’t want you to be oversold on an expensive, hard-to-use product that you don’t need, because then we lose your trust. If QuickBooks Pro or Premier will do the trick, that’s what we’re going to recommend.

Most of the software we sell is developed outside of Uganda. So if you have a problem or need help it may take a long time and cost a lot more to get to a real person to resolve your issue resolved.

In contrast, our team is based locally and is able to provide the same level of support as the original manufactures of the software. They take the time to understand how your business operates, what your unique needs are, and what your “problem areas” might be.

All of our services team are certified by the developers of the software and most of them have private sector experience working as accountants or controllers. So their guidance is not just going to be around software, but about how that software fits into the big picture of your business.

Many of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more. They know we care, and they know that we will move mountains to find a solution for them.

We bundle training cources for all of our Software customers. This self-paced training is accessible at the clients primises and their convinience.

Several of these courses are ACE/CPE certified.

The “value added” part of value added reseller means that we do a lot more than just sell business management software products. We provide Data File Reviews to help you make the most of your Software investment. We perform technical file services like repairs, condenses, and optimizations. We can fix common problems like negative inventory, or incorrect Chart of Accounts.

We can build you custom reports and integrate your Business Managment software with other products. We can help with bookkeeping, or even provide CFO-level guidance.

Almost all users of Software are going to need help with something at some point. Buying through a value added reseller means a much shorter timeline to solve your problem, and a team that already understands your business. Our clients are clients for life, and the purchase is only the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship.